IR3 Requirements

IR3 Requirements

First of all, if your income is earned from salary at work then all you need is to submit your basic details to get a tax refund from the IRD. If you’re traveling or have any other sources of income, you will be required to file an IR3 with the IRD here in New Zealand OR if you decide to let us help you – we can file it for you online. Apply now and let’s find out.

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According to the IRD, if you’re earning your income through self-employment such as tutoring, coaching, caregiving, web designing, etc., you need to file an IR3 form before you can get a tax refund. Just provide the complete list of your income and expenses (including receipts if any) and we can organize your paperwork for you.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of things you have to do finance-wise. We can help assess your business’ profits, go through your books, and prepare your income tax return each year. If you’re earning more than 60,000 annually, you might need to pay for a GST, we can help you with that as well. We will submit your IR3 form first and ensure that all expectations are met so that you can claim the tax refund you’re owed by the IRD.

If you’ve made NZ your home temporarily or permanently and you’ve worked or started a business here, then you already have an IRD number. If you have a business or investing in a company here, it’s required to comply with our tax laws. We can help you navigate through these financial and legal waters by organizing your financial records for you. We can deal with the IRD and figure out your tax refund claims, too.

As a shareholder, you can earn more income through capital appreciation, company profits, and dividends which you have to state in your IR3 form. We can help you organize your financial records and take care of your tax refund claim. Just hand over your documents so we can assess and as your representative, process your claim with the IRD.

Any income aside from your salary will need to be declared to the IRD. If you rent out an apartment or property in NZ, you are required to submit an IR3 form which we can surely help you with. All you need to do is provide us with relevant documents such as rental receipts, expenses, maintenance costs, and we will organize your files and process your tax refund.

Your commissions as a real estate agent maybe your primary or secondary income, and this needs to be added in your IR3 form. If you want to move forward with a tax refund claim, we just need basic information and your income tax form. In case, you haven’t organized your files yet, we can process them for you and help you get the money equivalent to the amount of your overpaid taxes.

A Kiwi or even an expat to NZ needs to update the IRD regarding earnings acquired while they were abroad. In order for us to serve you, just supply your travel details and documents proving your income overseas. We will gladly prepare your IR3 form so we can submit to the IRD on your behalf and help you get the refund that you need.

Getting tax-deducted interests and dividends amounting to more than $200 can entitle you to a tax refund. For this case, you are required to submit an IR3 form. It’s an easy process with us because we can communicate with the IRD and learn if you’re eligible for a tax refund through our online application system. We’ll just inform you with requirements that you have to comply with and we’ll take care of the rest.

In the event that you receive an estate, trust or partnership income for this tax year, the IRD requires that you declare this as part of your income.  If you are clueless about how to proceed or you need a professional to handle this, we can sort this out for you. We will be in charge of filing your IR3 form if you can provide us with the necessary documents. Then, we can start your claim for a tax refund so you can get what you’re entitled to soon.