Step by step application

Step by step application

Let’s help you get started with these 6 Easy Steps. It’s not rocket science. We promise.

1. Apply on our website

Short and simple is the way to go. All you need to do is submit these basic details:

  • Name and Address
  • Required ID with Photo
  • IRD Number
  • Bank Account Info (where we will transfer your tax refund)

2. Please submit more requirements – if necessary

With your basic info, we can already check with the IRD regarding your tax refund. In the event that you earned income from sources other than your salary, you might be required to file an IR3. In this case, we will collect more info from you.

3. We check your details

We make sure that your submitted details are sufficient and compliant with IRD requirements. Time is precious and we want to make sure that everything is complete for the IRD verification in order to save time.

4. We file your application

We’re ready to file your application for the last 5 years to the IRD through our intelligent software. We make sure that you are eligible for the tax refund. In the event you owe IRD, we do not process your application.

5. We update you

After filing your tax refund application, we update you about your tax refund status. We will inform you the calculated amount straight away after filing your return. We will update you further after transferring tax refund to the provided bank account or after posting cheque (as per the transfer option opted by you).

6. You receive your refund

As your certified tax agency, IRD will course your refund through our bank account. Next, we’ll deduct our fees, and FINALLY – we’ll send your much-deserved tax refund straight to your bank account or post you a cheque. Five working days! Quick and easy!

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